Lantex from the United Kingdom participated in the "R+T Stuttgart 2015 German Door, Window and Shading Technology Exhibition"

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Exhibition Introduction

R+T Stuttgart, Germany, was founded in 1965 and is the world's leading professional exhibition for doors, windows, roofs and shading technologies. After more than 40 years of glorious development, the exhibition not only provides exhibitors with opportunities to showcase the latest products and technologies, but also provides retailers, agents, and distributors with a platform for seeking new customers, new business opportunities and trade exchanges. 2015 will be the fiftieth birthday of the R+T Stuttgart exhibition. Fifty years-half a century. This is not only fifty years of success, but fifty years of continuous growth, but also development, opportunities and countless innovations. Fifty years. At the R+T exhibition, you can find any products related to doors, windows, and sunshade systems. At the same time, almost all world-renowned and powerful companies will exhibit here. Energy-saving, high-efficiency, and safe buildings are the theme of the exhibition throughout the year, and have been welcomed and recognized by all exhibitors and purchasers. At the exhibition, various exhibitors competed to display their new products and new technologies, which also added a lot to the exhibition. The 9th R+T Innovation Award will be produced at this exhibition, divided into nine product categories and one design and energy saving awards. Winners will share their innovative products and innovative technologies at various seminars and summits held concurrently with the exhibition.

exhibition criteria   

1. Sun-shading fabrics and various accessories: roller blinds, blinds, cloth, bamboo, wood, plastic, metal materials, waterproof materials and other sun-shading products; textile curtains; curtain rods and tassels, lanyards, burrs, lace Wait for window decorations.

2. House shading: windows and control systems, roller shutters, roller blinds, venetian blinds, blinds, sunshades.

3. Industrial doors: folding doors, rolling doors, fire doors, etc.

4. Civil doors: revolving doors, garage doors, etc.

5. Door control and various accessories: tubular motor, drive and control system, smart home and other intelligent systems.

Technology Lantex

Green, environmental protection, technology-Lance has the most innovative products, international leading technology, always keeps up with the forefront of science and technology, and is completely in line with the theme of the exhibition "energy saving and high efficiency". In this exhibition, Lonce will not only bring high-tech window decoration products and technologies, and provide customers with sunshade solutions. At that time, there will be a perfect presentation of new products in 2015, bringing you to experience the collision of technology and window decorations. feast.

Last review

The exhibition area of R+T Stuttgart in 2012 was about 105,200 square meters, which attracted 816 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, of which 66% were international exhibitors. As well as 58,080 professional buyers from 125 countries, 85% are from European countries such as France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria.