Common Problem

  • 1Notes on Lantex products

    Like all textiles, the fabrics used in Lantex curtains will undergo some changes. Slight wrinkles, wrinkles or bends are inherent to the textile and should be regarded as normal and acceptable quality. These features are usually not visible from the front, but can be seen from the side corners.

    Precautions should be taken to reduce exposure to harsh environmental factors, such as salty air.

    Continuous exposure through open doors and windows will accelerate fabric oxidation.

  • 2Curtain leaf

    If the blade gets stuck during the initial operation and cannot be opened normally, just quickly open and close the sun visor to "shake" the blade to open. Then, if necessary, gently pull down the center of the bottom rail and/or the last blade.

    Perform the same quick operation on the blades that are not completely closed, and then slowly roll the sun visor up into the top rail to flatten the blades.

    The blades are not designed to completely block light. There is a light gap between the blades.

  • 3The motor curtain cannot be used normally

    Due to the swaying of the curtain during transportation, the shaft device is loose and the shaft coupling and the motor fall off.

    Inform guests how to install iron bars.

  • 4Wrinkles on the blades / obvious scratches on the blades

    The curtain cannot be turned over due to the fracture of the first clip, which affects the degree of closure.

    Replacement blade clip, blade clip installation illustration

  • 5Leaves have burrs

    1. Inform guests of repair methods;

    2. There is a gap between the two curtains.

  • 6This order is a special-shaped window, and the customer is not satisfied and requested a return.

    1. There are certain defects in the production of special-shaped windows, and the technical and business personnel have been notified as soon as possible.

    2. The customer's improper installation results in a large gap between the two curtains and the effect is poor.

    3. Please communicate with the customers and provide the correct method and the effect diagram of the curtains in the factory.

    Processing method

    1. Special-shaped windows and unconventional curtains will not be returned;

    2. After the production is completed, the picture is taken and the customer in charge confirms the shipment after confirmation by the business person in charge.

  • 7The lifting belt is broken

    1. When the electric curtain is debugged, the motor stroke is set accurately to prevent the lifting belt from being broken when the stroke setting is insufficient.

    2. The quality control inspects and confirms the electric curtain motor after debugging.

    3. Send to the customer after the repair is confirmed.

  • 8The curtain is not flat when it is closed

    1. The graphic tells the guests how to adjust the height;

    2. It is forbidden for guests to disassemble and install curtains without permission.

  • 9Uneven curtains

    1. The graphic tells the guests how to adjust the height;

    2. It is forbidden for guests to disassemble and install curtains without permission.

  • 10The loop draw rope welds are disconnected

    Replacing the drawstring, making video of manual welding drawstring

  • 11Blade twist

    Perform blade flapping

  • 12Curtain light leakage

    Perform blade flapping

  • 13Curtain smell

    After the adjustment and assembly of the blades are completed, there is no peculiar smell, and the peculiar smell will be generated after the sun is exposed; it is recommended that guests improve ventilation

  • 14The curtain has mildew

    1. The curtains are mildewed due to being in a humid environment for a long time.

    2. Replace the moldy blades, and ship to the customer after confirmation.

    3. The customer service informs the customer about the blade characteristics and daily maintenance methods.

  • 15The curtain is tilted unbalanced left and right, and the center is uneven

    1. The installation code conflicts with the position of the rope reel;

    2. The installation position is not level;

    3. The graphic tells the guests how to adjust the height;

    4. It is forbidden for guests to disassemble and assemble curtains without permission.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Dust removal
    Dust removal

    In most cases, just use a feather duster to gently dust off regularly

  • Vacuum cleaner
    Vacuum cleaner

    Use a low-suction hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust more thoroughly

  • Hair dryer
    Hair dryer

    Use a hair dryer to turn on the cold air to blow away the dirt and debris between the blades.

Special cleaning method

  • Washing rope

  • Remove oil

  • Decontamination and sterilization

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