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Zebra Curtain

Zebra Curtain

Zebra curtain are woven from a small piece of fabric and gauze with equal widths. One end is fixed and the other end is scrolled to adjust the light. It is named zebra blind because it looks like a zebra stripe. When the gauze is completely closed in a staggered state, the full shading state is closed, and when the gauze is completely closed in parallel, it reaches the semi-shielding state, which can meet the different needs of lighting.

Applicable places: offices, office buildings, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, clubs, rooms, etc.

Control mode: manual, electric, intelligent control.

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Product description

Color series: solid color, pattern, shading

Specifications: 65mm, 70mm, 75mm

Diversified functions, heat insulation and ventilation, good closure, high privacy

The cord fabric is woven from polyester fabric, which is environmentally non-toxic and has good light and air permeability. And it combines the warmth of fabric, the atmosphere of roller blinds, and the dimming of venetian blinds. The operation is simple, the shading forms are diversified, and the field of vision is broadened. At the same time, it has a stylish and concise appearance. When the two layers of curtains are completely interlaced, a good degree of closure is achieved, which completely isolates the indoor from the outdoor, protects privacy to the greatest extent, and creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for the living room.

Professional color matching, softening light, uniform dimming

Lantex uses the most professional color scheme to perfectly match the color of the upper and lower beams with the color of the fabric, combined with the Longsil arc face cover to make the appearance more atmospheric. The horizontal strips of soft curtains woven from fabrics and gauze at intervals can evenly adjust the amount of light entering, provide a harmonious lighting effect for the interior, and at the same time make the strong sunlight soft, comfortable, and physical and chemical.

Technical Parameters

projectparameter nameParameter standard
trackMaterial6063-T5 aluminum
coatingElectrostatic powder spraying process

(Ordinary) Upper beam section width 77mm, height 70mm

(Large enclosure) Upper beam section width 90mm, height 92mm

controlSystem formCirculating rope system
way to controlManual/dedicated electric intelligent control system
FabricMaterial100% polyester fabric
Surface treatmentHigh temperature/high pressure/anti-static treatment

Curtain measurement

Installation tutorial

Cleaning and maintenance

Lantex's products are made of 100% textile fabrics, which means they have inherent durability and elasticity. However, please take care to avoid wrinkling the fabric, especially where the blades and the finish intersect.


Dust removal

In most cases, just use a feather duster to gently dust off regularly


Use a low-suction hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust more thoroughly

Hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to turn on the cold air to blow away the dirt and debris between the blades.

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