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Shangri-La Curtain

Shangri-La Curtain

Shangri-La curtains are designed with double-layer translucent gauze and intermediate spacers (100% polyester fiber cloth), combined with a looping rope control system. Integrating the advantages of venetian blinds, gauze curtains, honeycomb blinds and roller blinds, the overall curtain body is soft and elegant. It not only has a simple and fashionable appearance, but also has a good light transmission effect. It is a very decorative and sun-shading window decoration. product.

Applicable places: villas, apartments (balcony/living room/study), office buildings, coffee shops, western restaurants, hotels, clubs, etc.

Control mode: manual, electric, intelligent control.

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Product description

Color series: solid color, flower color, slub hemp, shading

Specifications: 25mm, 50mm, 55mm, 65mm, 70mm (engineering series), 75mm

Dust-proof shaping, soft and elegant, shading and transparent

The spacer in the curtain fabric is made of 100% non-woven polyester fiber cloth to ensure precise light control. The multi-layer structure of the curtains hanging on the front and back of the window screen makes the overall curtain body softer, more elegant, and extremely line-like. The surface of the curtain fabric treated with high temperature and high pressure is antistatic, not easy to accumulate dust, and not easy to deform.

Easy to receive and control, intelligent control, easy installation

The balance adjustment design of the bottom beam can avoid the inclination of the curtain in use; the limit design at the end meets the requirements of different heights and the retractable curtains of the user when using the unique lithium battery built-in special motor, which solves the problem of unembedded power problem.

Comparative analysis of the same products in the same industry

Lantex Shangri-La Curtainsother brands
Curtain materialDouble-layer gauze design, front yarn back net, middle layer of polyester fiber cloth, delicate hand feeling, uniform light transmittance, soft and natural light and shadow effect.The curtain fabric feels rough, the thickness is uneven, and the light transmittance is uneven. The curtain fabric is more flowery when looking at the light.
Double-layer gauze design, the front yarn and the back net, the mesh yarn is tightly woven, and the knotting strength is high, and it will not be loose and deformed for long time use.

The gauze net is relatively loose and elastic. Long-term use of the cord will become longer and uneven due to its own weight, resulting in poor appearance, and frequent use will produce butterfly edges, the cord is not flat and beautiful, and the curtain cannot be opened and closed for a long time. Evenly.

Cord craftThe curtain fabric is formed by hot pressing and will not be damaged by the sun.Ordinary glue sticks, it is easy to open the glue after sun exposure, the glue will erode the cord, discolor the cord, and deform the offset; (you can press the bonding part of the cord with your hand to find the sticky feeling).
The curtain fabric is formed by hot pressing and will not be deformed after washing.Without the heat-press setting process, the curtain piece and the gauze are of different materials, and the shrinkage rate is different; and the cord and the gauze are connected by glue, which is water-meltable, and the connection strength becomes weak after contact with water, so it cannot be cleaned (you can use The curtain is tested).
Cord cuttingUsing advanced laser cutting machine, the edge is more uniform, will not be jumped in long-term use, and is not easy to wear.

Ordinary cutting, easy to have burrs, long-term use will fall off the jumper, easy to wear (see the edge treatment of the curtain).

Curtain measurement 

Installation tutorial

Cleaning and maintenance

Lantex's products are made of 100% textile fabrics, which means they have inherent durability and elasticity. However, please take care to avoid wrinkling the fabric, especially where the blades and the finish intersect.


Dust removal

In most cases, just use a feather duster to gently dust off regularly


Use a low-suction hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust more thoroughly

Hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to turn on the cold air to blow away the dirt and debris between the blades.

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