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Lantex Blinds

Lantex Blinds

The blade is made of high-performance polyester thread through a strong-density weaving process, and the surface is coated with a layer of polymer nano-coating protective film, which is durable and fresh, waterproof and mildew-proof, easy to clean, not easy to fade, heat insulation, breathable, flame retardant, etc Features, solve the defects of similar blind products such as easy oxidation, rust, deformation, etc. It is an innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly green sun-shading product.

Applicable places: apartments (kitchen/living room/study/toilet), villas, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, hospitals, clubs, etc.

Control mode: manual, electric, intelligent control.

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Product description

Color series: solid color, pattern, mixed weaving, pearlescent, shading

Specifications: 35mm (traditional series, new economic series, hidden hole series), 50mm, 65mm (engineering series)

Waterproof, mildew proof, antistatic, easy to clean

The polymer nano-coating protective film on the surface of the blade can achieve the water repellent effect of the lotus leaf, and the inorganic stains are not easy to adhere. It can be wiped off and is easy to clean.

High elasticity, bending resistance, no scratches

It can be bent arbitrarily, can be easily restored, and has strong recovery; in addition, the surface of the blade after special treatment will not produce the "chalk marks" common to ordinary textiles

Comparative analysis of the same products in the same industry

Lantex Venetian Blinds

Similar products on the market

Curtain100% polyester yarn, environmentally friendly material with three layers of nano-coating, waterproof, mildew proof, shading and heat insulation, flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, antistatic, not easy to accumulate dust, sufficient material, good weaving density, no deformation, no fading , Pure color, durable.Poor waterproof effect, easy to mildew when exposed to water, easy to accumulate dust, easy to fade, and the color is not pure. The weaving density is poor, the hand feel is soft, the material is small, the weight is light, and the cost is low.

Top/bottom track

The material is 0.5mm base material SGCC hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, surface acrylic paint coating, high strength, no deformation, no rust, corrosion resistance, and the same color as the curtain.The use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles has poor strength, easy bending and deformation, low cost, and does not match the same color.
LadderWidth≥10mm, use double-stranded transverse spacers to fix the curtains, the curtains will not run off during operation, the weaving density is good, the thickness is durable, and the same color is used.The single strand of the transverse line is small, it is not easy to fix the curtain, and it is easy to run the curtain when running, the weaving density is sparse and thin, not durable, and low in cost.
Lifting ropeFlat rope with a width of ≥2.5mm has good pulling strength and is not easy to break. When the curtain is retracted, it is completely retracted in the turntable of the rope reel, does not occupy a volume, does not jam, and pulls up smoothly, and is completely matched with the same color.It occupies the volume, it is easy to jam the line after long-term use, it is not smooth, and does not match the color.
Rope reelPatented product, to ensure that the curtain sheet runs easily and effortlessly, smoothly, and has low noise. The lifting rope is completely contracted in the turntable of the rope reel, which does not take up volume, does not jam, and pulls smoothly, and is durable.Since the lifting rope is wound on the upper rail shaft when the curtain is retracted, it is easy to cause jams when used for a long time, and it is not labor-saving. The parts have low cost and are easy to break.

Top/bottom rail cover

Match the same colorNo color matching, replace all with white

Bottom rail cover

The material is galvanized iron cover sheet, the surface is treated with acrylic paint coating, waterproof and rustproof, and match the same colorMaterial is ordinary plastic, all white instead of color matching
overall effectThe curtains are flat, with good closure, all accessories are matched in the same color, with a good sense of design, high-end atmosphere, and a better overall decorative effect.The overall effect is not up to grade, and the design sense is poor

Curtain measurement

Installation tutorial

Cleaning and maintenance

Lantex's products are made of 100% textile fabrics, which means they have inherent durability and elasticity. However, please take care to avoid wrinkling the fabric, especially where the blades and the finish intersect.


Dust removal

In most cases, just use a feather duster to gently dust off regularly


Use a low-suction hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust more thoroughly

Hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to turn on the cold air to blow away the dirt and debris between the blades.

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