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Honeycomb Curtain

Honeycomb Curtain

The honeycomb curtain is also known as the organ curtain. The unique honeycomb design structure is an effective thermal insulator, which can prevent indoor heat from dissipating in winter and prevent outdoor heat from entering in summer, which has the effect of constant temperature and sound insulation.

Applicable places: villas, star hotels, office buildings, clubs, homes (bedrooms/studies), etc.

Control mode: manual (day and night/sliding door/up and down closing type/sunroof type), electric, intelligent control.

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Product description

Color series: single nest light transmission, single nest shading, single nest light transmission and waterproof, single nest shading and waterproof, double nest light transmission, double nest shading

Specifications: 20mm (internal opening window series), 25mm, 38mm

Customized fabrics, sound absorption and heat insulation, privacy protection

The curtain fabric is shaped by high temperature and high pressure, made of high-elasticity non-woven fabric fabric, and the shade curtain fabric is lined with aluminum foil, and the shading rate can reach 100%. The unique honeycomb design structure forms a hollow layer with a sound absorption coefficient of 0.3 to 0.4, which improves noise in different environments. With the hollow honeycomb design, it can effectively block heat insulation. It is a window decoration product with high energy efficiency. Provide semi-transparent and shading products to meet the privacy needs of users in different environments.

Shade and energy saving, antibacterial and mildew proof, dustproof and antifouling, various forms

The light-transmitting type can block more than 65% of ultraviolet rays, and the light-blocking type can block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays. When combined with insulating glass and LOW-E glass, the shading coefficient is as low as SC 0.27-0.35. The specially treated curtain fabric can effectively resist common bacteria. At the same time, the surface of the curtain fabric is anti-static, not easy to absorb dust, and has a good anti-permeability performance against dust and oil in the living environment. It also has the absolute advantage of solving special-shaped window solutions.

Honeycomb curtain technical parameters

projectparameter nameParameter standard
trackMaterial6063-T5 aluminum
coatingSurface coating paint type
sizeUpper beam section width 24mm, height 40mm
controlSystem formCirculating rope system
way to controlManual/dedicated electric intelligent control system
FabricMaterialHigh-strength fiber non-woven fabric
Cellular specifications25mm/38mm single nest, double nest
Surface treatmentHigh temperature/high pressure/anti-static treatment

Curtain measurement

Installation tutorial

Cleaning and maintenance

Lantex's products are made of 100% textile fabrics, which means they have inherent durability and elasticity. However, please take care to avoid wrinkling the fabric, especially where the blades and the finish intersect.


Dust removal

In most cases, just use a feather duster to gently dust off regularly


Use a low-suction hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove dust more thoroughly

Hair dryer

Use a hair dryer to turn on the cold air to blow away the dirt and debris between the blades.

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