Brand History

Brand History

Centennial Lantex

  • 1932

    British architect Lance Nash creates the LANTEX brand LANTEX brand at the beginning

  • 1991

    The predecessor of LANTEX office was established in Wenzhou

  • 2009

    LANTEX entered China and established its operation and production center in Jiaxing, Zhejiang

  • 2012

    LANTEX enters the U.S. and establishes Wisconsin operation center

  • 2014

    LANTEX•China's annual output accounts for 70% of the global LANTEX company's annual output, becoming the world's largest production base of LANTEX

  • 2016

    LANTEX•China Company (LANTEX Stocks Co., Ltd.) increased its registered capital to 50 million

  • 2018

    LANTEX enters Canada, and the operation center is established in Vancouver

  • 2019

    LANTEX develops towards globalization, setting up operation centers and technology R&D centers in many countries around the world