【Window Decoration Solution Series】The Bay Window

2021-03-19 15:45:54 朗丝窗饰股份有限公司 Viewd 806

Bay window is a special corner of home design. Bay window has basic functions such as daylighting and ventilation. It can not only expand the home design area visually, but also design a perfect resting corner through renovation and decoration. The choice of bay window curtains is the soul of the design. If there is no curtain decoration, strong ultraviolet rays will sunburn the skin and damage the appliances in the house. If you choose fabric decoration, you cannot adjust the light and ventilate.

Lantex provides you with bay window window decoration solutions. The combination of simple and stylish shutters and bay windows is a fusion of decoration and function. Bright, spacious space, drunk sunshine, enjoy a comfortable and cozy afternoon, and frame the beautiful natural scenery indoors.

Chinese-style bay windows are extremely rare in decoration design, and they are also more difficult. If they are matched with fabrics, they will be more cumbersome and dull. The use of dark-colored shutters echoes the style of the entire space in terms of color, and does not appear conservative and old-fashioned. It brings home accessories to life and makes the field of vision more open, showing the owner's elegant, chic, and ancient quality of life.

A bay window is added to the modern and simple style bedroom, so you can lie down and sit in your free time and feel the atmosphere outside the window. The combination of louver and simple style is the inevitable product of vision in the design. At the same time, it has the functions of ventilation and free dimming. It can also be matched with simple shading fabrics to create a quiet and comfortable resting environment.

The bright lighting and quiet corners are undoubtedly the best place for the study. The linear shutters are used in the bay window of the study to filter the sun and breeze, leaving beautiful light and shadow, so that you can enjoy the fun of viewing while reading, allowing your eyes and mind to rest.

Taking advantage of the unique position of the corners and bay windows, the restaurant is cleverly set up in the bay window area, as if this is a treasure of geomantic omen specially reserved for it, matched with blinds, the sun shines in between the opening and closing without hesitation, and the beautiful scenery looks up. Come and enjoy the warm and clean dining.