The concept is not just talking, it needs to be practiced

2021-03-19 15:56:51 朗丝窗饰股份有限公司 Viewd 939

Exquisite furnishings and advanced business philosophy. I wonder if you have noticed such a booth. The booth is like a home scene, living room, office, kitchen, bedroom... feel a kind of warmth at home.

Lantex from the United Kingdom takes you to experience the new concept of home life! Window decoration is integrated with home. We not only display products, but let you experience the scene of home life, and provide you with a complete set of window decoration solutions, so that window decorations are no longer monotonous, and home decorations are no longer complicated.    

-Office series

- Bedroom series

- living room set

- Kitchen series

-Bathroom series

While experiencing the space scene, Lantex also provided a variety of functional window decoration solutions at this exhibition: high windows, special-shaped window displays, color-blocking blinds, roller blinds, zebra blinds, and full blackout fabrics. Waterproof test area experience, etc. Combining decoration and functionality, visual and sensory collide, the concept of home decoration is no longer just a wild imagination, it needs to be practiced down-to-earth.

-Extra-high curtains

-Special-shaped curtains

-Waterproof area

Lantex's unique scene experience design concept, as well as more functional and innovative products, attracted many visitors to the booth, and there was an endless stream of buyers in the booth. At the same time, I would also like to thank all the customers who visited Lantex's booth for making Lantex a complete success in this exhibition. Lantex will work harder to present to customers with more high-quality and innovative products, leading the new trend of window decorations in the future!

Lantex has won unanimous praise in the industry for its innovative technology, high-quality products and professional services. At the same time, it won the honor of "shading well-known brand" in the evaluation and recommendation activity of the top 100 brands of national fabric and soft decoration products carried out in this exhibition.

Lantex--Professional strength solves fashion ideas for you!